The prices of zinc oxide (zinc white)

Zinc oxide
  • Product: zinc oxide (zinc white)
  • Standard document: GOST 202-84, TU 2329-001-99273051-2007
  • Scope: Zinc oxide and zinc metal produced by flask. Zinc oxide and zinc oxide (ZnO), a synthetic inorganic white pigment used as an activator in the manufacture of various models of high-quality tires and other rubber products. Zinc oxide is widely used in paint industry, dentistry, dental cement for the manufacture of abrasive products
  • Imballaggio: in Big Bag 1 t, bags 25kg, 30kg,

The prices of zinc oxide (zinc white)

Product Price (Euro/t)
in Big Bag
Price (Euro/kg)
in bag 25kg
Zinc Oxide B1, B2 (ZnO 86,0%) 880 1,32
Zinc Oxide BZV (ZnO 92,0%) 1600 2,4
Zinc Oxide A (ZnO 96,0%) 1760 2,6
Zinc Oxide A (ZnO 98,0%) 1900 2,8
Zinc Oxide BZ1 (ZnO 99,5%) 2460 3,8
Zinc Oxide BZOM (ZnO 99,7%) 2700 4,0

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