Ammonium nitrate (ammonium saltpeter)

Ammonium nitrate (ammonium saltpeter)
  • Goods: Ammonium nitrate (ammonium saltpeter) (N = 34,4%)
  • Standard document: GOST 2-85
  • Scope: Ammonium nitrate (ammonium saltpeter) - a highly effective mineral fertilizer, containing no less than 34.4% nitrogen, ammonium nitrate (ammonium saltpeter) and made for most crops in all types of terrain, characterized by high digestibility of nitrogen. The effective use of ammonium nitrate and potassium and phosphate fertilizers, mixed just before introduction into the soil. On light soils, ammonium nitrate and more appropriate to make pre-sowing cultivation. Well-buffered, can always fertilize the soil acid ammonium nitrate. Ammonium nitrate (ammonium saltpeter) used: - How to agricultural fertilizer; - Raw materials for the production of industrial explosives; - Raw materials for chemical industry.
  • Packing: - in Big Bag 1 t, bags 50kg

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Ammonium nitrate (N = 34,4%) 100 free samples

Manufacturer: Chemical plant
Salavatnefteorgsintez JSC
30 Molodogvardeitsev st., Salavat 45325 (Republic of Bashkortostan) - Russia
Tel +7 3476-39-21-09; Fax +7 3476-39-21-03
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